James McDonald Pays One Last Tribute to Ryota Igarashi


Ryota Igarashi was apparently “shocked” (shocked!) when he was told he wouldn’t be heading to the ‘Burgh with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Bucs seemed  to have their pitchers lined up for the rotation.  But then Charlie Morton sucked.  And then, just when everyone was expecting James McDonald to have another solid start to finish strong this spring, he stunk.

Pirates fans everywhere were shocked when James McDonald went out and did his best to impersonate Igarashi.

The McDonald impersonation was better than anyone could imagine.

McDonald walked seven batters.  Seven.

But all was not lost. Much like Ryota, JMac was able to record some outs; it was just too bad they were around an awful display of fastball command.  McDonald was tagged with ten runs by the Minnesota Twins.   Manager Clint Hurdle mumbled something about JMac being “blue collar” in the post game comments.   Yeah, that’s it.

Hey – on the bright side, McDonald did retire eleven of the Minnesota Twins B team…