The 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Hunt


The 2012 Third Annual Pirates Opening Day Photo Hunt is sponsored by the Party Bus. The winner is Jimmy Chick.

But the big prize is Best Lip Sweater. This year, our winner worked all winter long and captured his inner Phil Garner. Excellent work.

By now you’ve probably heard about it, but Stan Savarn does take time out for a piss break.

Just a great pic

The sweet, sweet music of baseball season is upon us.

And baseball season means people watching–Opening Day, Pittsburgh style


If the book  A Pittsburghers Guide to Style is ever written, this guy is the one doing it.

You too can pull ladies in 2012. Just follow the plan of the gentleman below.

Step one:    Make your own custom, sleevless Pirates jersey.
Step two:    Pick up a pair of avaiator sunglasses.
Step three: Never take them off. Especially inside of dimly lit drinking establishments.
Step four:   Boom, you’re the man!

No parking sign wasn’t in the contest, but we will have to include it next year.


KRIS BENSON! Now, wait…where is your wife?

There’s a Hall of Famer in the house????

There’s a former Rule 5 pick in the house!!!

After the game, Lacee Collins headed out after a hard day interviewing tailgaters and dodging Twitter venom.

Thank you to everyone who participated.