L.A. Wins; Cop or Pirates Fan; Dodgers ‘Costly Toy Subsidized by Others’


Los Angeles is a happening city in a special way.  Our favorite team is in town for the Dodgers 50th Anniversary.  We missed the game today, but seeing eight total runs in four games is a bit discouraging.  Let’s trust the offense gets it going today against Chad Billingsley and Chris Capuano tomorrow.

Maybe this was that matchup discussion the Pirates brass were having a few weeks ago.  We know they loved the idea of Kevin Correia getting his start in L.A.  It appeared that Correia loved the idea as well.

At Dodgers Stadium yesterday, police officers were dressed as Pirates fans.  Of course it was due to the violence last year when the Dodgers and Giants faced each other in the opener.  So, we ask again.  You think it was a coincidence the Bucs were in town for the dog and pony show today?

Bob Nutting has to be pumped about the increased jersey sales from the LAPD.

The biggest story out of L.A. this year and for a long time will be the new ownership group.  It has been everywhere.  My dead Grandma knows Magic Johnson saved L.A.   But we read this NY Times article  and wondered what may come of it.

Go Bucs