Ten Great Pittsburgh Pirates Stories Yet to Be Written


Ten Great Pittsburgh Pirates Stories Yet to Be Written

By Joe Luchok

There was story on the Pirates’ official website this week titled “Alvarez hits BP homer into Dodgers parking lot”. This is not news, even the most ardent Alvarez critic would agree that he has power and hits the ball a long way when he connects. The problem is that he connects too infrequently in games. However, the story did get me thinking about what other stories we might see to distract us from the hitting woes of the Pirates. Might we see these 10 headlines in the future?

Walker Fields Ten Straight Grounders Cleanly During Fielding Practice.

Bedard Throws Between Game Session Without Injury.

Barmes Tips for Safely Shaving Your Head.

McCutchen Gives Inside Look at Proper Care of Dreadlocks.

Barajas Blocks Five Pitches in the Dirt During Bullpen Session.

Presley Runs Fast

Clint Hurdle’s Tips on What Pencil Is Best for Writing the Lineup Card

A J Burnett Talks About the Do’s and Don’ts of Tattoos

Tips from Hanrahan and McGehee on Grooming Beards

Garrett Jones Height Helps Him Catch High Throws at First

When those stories are done I am sure there are more equally exciting stories to cover.