Rockies Jamie Moyer, Pittsburgh Pirates Will Set Record Tonight


Pedro Alvarez

is on the bench tonight against left hander Jamie Moyer.  Thus, Yamaico Navarro gets a start at third base.

We can’t help but think about the Amish when we look at Yamacio, or Amos Stoltzfus as the Amish Name Generator would unelectrify him to be called.

The ageless one will be on the bump for the Rockies. Jamie Moyer is the oldest pitcher to win a major league game.  Why that would scare Pedro out of the lineup is hard to imagine, much like it’s hard to fathom the career of Moyer.

But twenty-six years after becoming a winner with the Chicago Cubs all the way back in 1986, Moyer shut down the San Diego Padres on six-hits.  He gave up a pair of unearned runs.

Moyer has spent 151 days in his 49th year of life on the planet and thus broke Jack Quinn’s mark by 81 days.

Kevin Correia makes a home start for the Bucs after being very sharp on the road.  Correia allowed just two runs in twelve innings pitched.

We have absolutely no idea what to expect tonight.  Just don’t miss it because if Moyer wins, he sets a new record.  If the Bucs pin a loss on him, he sets another record.  I am prediciting the loss.  DON’T MISS IT ON ROOT!