Pirates Curse Continues: Josh Bell Out After Meniscus Surgery


We were pestering people with the Pittsburgh Pirates all week for news on Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Josh Bell.

In case you missed it, this past Tuesday Bell, playing for the West Virginia Power,  injured his knee rounding first base after a single through the middle in the third inning.   Most of us either know the feeling (damn it’s deflating) or know someone that has had it happen to them.

The Bucs were quiet all week as Bell underwent an MRI on Wednesday.

The Pirates sent Bell for meniscus surgery on his left knee yesterday by Dr. Patrick DeMeo in Pittsburgh.

The Bucs are cursed.  I swear.

The team said Bell will return to Bradenton to begin his rehab.  It’s an injury that with an intense commitment to rehab Bell will be able to overcome.  I know.  I get it.  It just pisses me off.

God speed Josh.

Also you can now follow Bell on twitter.   Let’s keep him in good spirits.