Hurdle Says Meek Needs to Finish His Fastball, Reliever Sent to AAA


After the game tonight, the Pittsburgh Pirates optioned right handed reliever Evan Meek to AAA Indianapolis. We could see the writing on the wall as the former All-Star has yet to look like his former self in the 2012 season.

Cocktails was repeatedly on the record saying he should not have made the club, but obviously the Pirates thought differently. We like the move. Meek looks rather close, but its difficult to find his footing while pitching in low leverage games on the big league level.

Meek has been anything but consistent which is how we rode himself to the All-Star game two years ago. In the postgame show, Clint Hurdle said it’s not about Meek’s velocity. It’s about finishing his fastball. The speed will come the Pirates skipper said and then Meek will be able to add his devasting breaking stuff.

Hurdle said the team can script scenarios where Meek can pitch back-to-back, he can close, and most importantly he can finish off his recovery from injury with consistent work.

Meek gave up 12 hits in just 9.2 innings of work. He allowed a ghastly six earned runs. His walk numbers were impressive with just one, and he struckout six while making nine trips to the mound for Hurdle.