Starling Marte Good, Daniel Moskos Bad


The Pittsburgh Pirates received some good news on Starling Marte.  Some bad news on Daniel Moskos.

The bad news first:

Moskos will be placed on the disabled list with elbow discomfort.

The good news:

Nothing broken for Marte.

Losing Marte to an injury would have been a massive blow for the Pirates.  It’s just difficult to predict how a player recovers from such an injury and Marte right now needs all the playing time he can get in AAA.

It sucks for Moskos to be shut down, he was hitting as high as 95-96 at times last year when we saw him.  But in Spring Training it was apparent that the velocity had lost a few ticks.  The pitching coaches were spending a great deal of time with him, actually surrounding the lefty in one early session workout we saw.  When he didn’t make the opening day roster, we had questions, when he wasn’t one of the first callups we should have started to wonder what was up.