Washington Nationals Bryce Harper Is All About Big


Bryce Harper knows about creating big buzz.  He’s probably created news since he was in Little League, seven short years ago.   Right now, the Harper Buzzmeter is topping out the charts as the Washington Nationals roll into Pittsburgh for a three game series with the Pirates.   The Nats outfielder has had quite an amazing first week in the big leagues.

How big is Harper?   He is 19 years old and has played in just over a handful of Major League games, playing each of them like a man that is fighting for the last roster spot, yet displaying skills of a player that will be in many All-Star games in his future.

The lethal combination of passion and talent has someone writing a book about him already.  Now that’s big.  Rob Miech wrote about him making a big gamble in his book that will hit bookstores in the near future.  We have our copy pre-ordered.  The Harper story is a big one for us.  It’s pretty obvious he is a committed individual and we like people like him.  We’re pretty sure he is doing something that has never been done before and it’s fascinating to watch.

He had an amazing debut in Los Angeles  where everytime he stepped to the plate he received some big-time boos….

….and a big moon as a backdrop for his first Major League hit.

Against the Phillies, he was beaned by Cole Hamels and promptly stole home (without blowing the Phillies left-hander a kiss) a few plays later.

He has made insane throws and looked rather toolish when he flipped off his helmet while hustling out a double.  Without question Harper can polarize people.  He has laughed at the opposition and carries a swagger that might make some old timers look away.

He might also be the one player that can help baseball too.  The story is just too good.

We saw Harper at his A-ball debut in Hagerstown, Maryland which was a big disappointment to go along with his real big truck.  Even though each of his at-bats had their own sponsor, Harper didn’t get a ball out of the infield.

Harper blows big kisses…..

and also swings an insanely big 47-ounce bat when he works out in the offseason.

Harper is a living, breathing specimen of what happens when you work hard and have a big, hairy, audacious goal.

Good Luck kid.

…and remember, you’re on our softball team when this baseball stuff is over. Don’t worry we can fix that swing….