Thinking Happy Thoughts As The Cubs Roll Into PNC Park


Don’t for a moment think Ryan Dempster isn’t having a solid season. It might actually be one of his best, if not one of the best in all of baseball.


The right hander still has nothing to show for it in his win column, proving to be the poster child for the pointlessness of the pitchers win loss stat.  Tonight Dempster will carry an 0-2 record to the mound with solid outlying numbers including a strong FIP against the Bucs A.J. Burnett. Sure we could think about Dempster striking out ten Buccos at Social Media Night as Lacee rants about twitter, but instead let’s just pretend everything is going to be ok.

There isn’t nothing we can really do anyway right?   We are close Clint Hurdle says.  Nobody makes trades in May.  The money we dropped on that Facebook stock will come back to us soon, and the traffic won’t be bad this holiday weekend.

That’s right. Think Happy Thoughts!

So, speaking of Dempster, here is my absolute favorite Ryan Dempster gif from Cubby Blue–it shows him waiting…and waiting….

Andrew McCutchen hits pretty well against the Cubs. (Insert all those pictures of his monster days against Dempster and the Cubs into your mind )

It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend.

Halter top season is nearly here at PNC Park.

Beer.  Lots of beer.

At least I’m not a Cubs fan.  You think you feel bad as a Pirates fan after 20 years? Shiiiiiiiiit. Think about the Cubs. Another rebuild. And Chicago has lost nine in a row.