Five Reasons We Don’t Miss Paul Maholm


It seems to have taken forever, but we will really enjoy watching Paul Maholm pitch tonight   For us, no matter how frustrating the Pirates offense has been, it’s damn refreshing to not have to watch the left hander pitch for the Pirates anymore.

Look, we know – we’re in the minority.  Go ahead – stand up and cheer tonight, but we won’t be.  It’s probably more us than you, but we will really enjoy it if the Buc’s bats break loose before the fireworks light up the Pittsburgh skyline.

We tried to get out the reasons why we felt this way about Maholm.  Here is our lame list.

We don’t miss his pitch-to-contact shit.

We don’t miss his trying to be a tough guy when talking to Rob Biertempfel.

We don’t miss his tweets.

We don’t miss how he departed from the club. Especially when one considers that in his last seven starts, Maholm allowed eight hits, seven hits, ten hits, six hits, nine hits, ten hits, and nine hits. The Pirates lost all seven of those games. Maholm pitched just 42.2 innings, and allowed 59 hits and 26 earned runs.

We did get a laugh when Ray Searage tried to teach the old dog Maholm some new tricks in spring training last year. Heh, it paid off, too. Maholm pitched well before getting hurt.

It also always bothered us to think that Maholm put doubt in a lot of fans’ minds that he might have injured himself by playing golf. Some conspiracies even blame the injury last season to an in-season golf outing.  However, nobody ever proved it.

Maholm did some nice work in the community. Pirates Charities probably misses him.

We don’t.