Orioles Sweep Pirates, But There Is One Great Thing To Enjoy in Baltimore


Well, well, well… the only thing to do is laugh.  Rocco DeMaro would cue up Curb Your Enthusiasm about now.  Wasn’t that fun when the Buccos actually had an enjoyable postgame show?

But anyway, three frustrating losses by the Pittsburgh Pirates exposed many of the scars that we all know exist.  The team will make a lot of outs, the defense really isn’t that great, and the pitching must be good or it could ugly.

At least the team didn’t roll over tonight in front of us at Camden Yard.

The ride home will suck.

We could show you the picture of Steve Pearce jogging the bases after a steady dose of fastballs produced a five RBI night for the former Bucco.   We could show you a lot of pictures.  But we won’t…

We will just show you this jackass sign holder…

And some bacon on a stick….

At least there was this…?

Cheap Ass Beer always hurts in the morning, just like getting out of Baltimore.