Pirates Kyle McPherson Is Back: The Return of the Mac


The Return of the Mac.

It was supposed to be so much different this season for the Pittsburgh Pirates Minor League Pitcher of the Year Kyle McPherson.  He was flying high.  A late round draft pick having success is very uncommon in the Bucs system, but McPherson was bucking the trend and making it a reality.

Hell, as easily as Mac breaks stacks of maple with his bare hands, the double-black-belt tore up minor league hitters.

The 6’3″ McPherson was supposed to pull an Indianapolis Indians jersey over his head to start this season, but instead he was shut down before spring training ended.    He had “dead arm.”

McPherson has been working his ass off to get back in the system.  If you listen to our podcast (and you do, according to the numbers – Thanks!), then you have already been following along with the story.

Tonight, he gets set to fire his first pitch in a meaningful game situation this season with the Altoona Curve.  The right hander suffered what the Bucs called “shoulder inflammation.”  He has been battling back ever since and has told us numerous times he is touching 95 mph.

Tonight, we expect McPherson will be going all out.  He told us he feels great.  If you can get a line, go ahead and drop your paycheck.  Our money is on the kid who loves what he does, and a strong outing in Binghamton will be exactly what he needs to get his comeback on track.

You can take it to the bank that Mac gets it done.

Hit it.