Red Sox Trying to Lose Kevin Youkilis


Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi are reporting that the Red Sox are escalating their attempts to trade Kevin Youkilis, who is in a pretty bad 1/21 slump right now. The report says that the teams interested are the Diamondbacks, White Sox, Dodgers, Indians, and your Pirates. The Diamondbacks seem to have limited interest, and they shouldn’t really be considered at this point.

It would seem that Boston is trying to get a deal done soon, and that could be all Neal Huntington needs to get something done. We know he’s shown interest in Youkilis before, and that could help his cause if he’s really thinking about going after him now, when he is most available.

Personally, I don’t really buy that the Pirates are actually thinking about going for Youkilis – they are just saying some things and doing some things to save face with the fans. Now that this report has come out, nobody is going to buy Huntington’s “you can’t buy when nobody is selling” stuff anymore. The price could definitely still be too high for Youk, but it has to be coming down since the Sox are getting a bit desperate and he’s not hitting at all.

Keep an eye on the rumor mill, something could be happening soon.