No One is Safe from the Pittsburgh Pirates Andrew McCutchen


The Pittsburgh Pirates are creating a big home field advantage on the back of their superstar, Andrew McCutchen. It’s nearly impossible for the opposition to get Andrew McCutchen out.

And even when they do, the ball is hit hard.

In the past four games, at what some call the most beautiful ballpark in America, McCutchen has ten hits in fifteen at-bats. He has had three hits in four of those games. He has ripped two doubles, a triple and a bomb in those games.

Left-handed pitchers throughout the league are suffering from night tremors after facing McCutchen this season. The Bucs center fielder has murdered left-handed pitching, with a sick .468/.500/.790 line in his 62 at-bats against southpaws.

But Cutch has been hot for a while, now. He is hitting .458 in the past seven games. He is hitting .357 in the month of June with five doubles, two triples and four taters.

Looking deeper at some of the other numbers show that his batting average on balls in play is Joey Votto-esque. His walks rate is at a career low, while his strikeout rate is nearly twenty percent.

But the big number for us? McCutchen is hitting more line drives than he has ever hit while his infield fly ball percentage is also at a career low of 4.5 percent.

He tears it up at PNC Park with a .368 average and a 1.064 OPS.

If you’re a left handed pitcher, you might want to wear a helmet on the mound.  McCutchen is simply destroying southpaws with his .453 average–.786 slugging and 1.259 OPS.  Talk about a machine!

It’s the amazing things that Cutch does that keep us watching him this season, though, like his ability to produce in crucial situations.  Like this:  when McCutchen gets to a full count… he is slugging at an .818 clip, and putting up an OPS of 1.431.  Unreal.

No one is safe.