So, How Is Stetson Allie Doing for the GCL Pirates?


The Pittsburgh Pirates made pretty big waves when they switched Stetson Allie from a pitcher to a position player recently.  Allie is now a third baseman in the Gulf Coast League, and has captured our interest on an almost daily basis.

Take a look at his stats, and maybe you’ll be surprised with his performance – we were.  He’s been a bit “feast-or-famine,” as one might expect.  He collected two hits in his debut and has had three hits since, all of them coming in a blowout game for the GCL Pirates blowout against left handed pitching.

Allie has been punched out six times in his 18 at-bats, but has also worked three walks.  The biggest struggle for Allie after just a few games has been his defense at the hot corner for the 4-2 GCL Buccos.

We were able to speak with some Pirates brass last evening, who feel once Allie shakes off the rust and finds some comfort in his new start, the “sky is the limit.”    Of course, that remains to be seen, but given the timing of the move, we think it’s safe to say that five hits is a pretty good start.