The Pirates Brad Lincoln Stares Down Jim Thome After 7th Inning Showdown


When Brad Lincoln entered the Pittsburgh Pirates game against the Philadelphia Phillies last night, the Phillies were in the midst of a furious comeback.  It was beginning to creep into our mind that if the Bucs were to blow that 8-2 lead last night, oh, shit, the thoughts were bad.  Bad, bad thoughts.  Lincoln emphatically ended those thoughts that we had and obviously that many Pirates fans had last night.

He did it in dramatic fashion.

He struck out Hunter Pence on a great call by Mike McKenry for a slider in the dirt.

Lincoln then got prolific homerun hitter Jim Thome, who is now 0-for-5 against the Pirates this year with three strikeouts,  to whiff on an 0-2 heater clocked at 95 mph with the Pirates clinging to a one run lead.  Blood. Pumping. Stuff.

Lincoln was on Root Sports after the game and said,  he “got after it tonight.”

Yeh.  We agree.

The screen shots from everyone on twitter were great, my connection sucks or we’d put every single one of them up.

Here is the priceless MLB link of the Lincoln Thome showdown.

(We tried uploading a video without any luck)