Andrew McCutchen Hits Four Bombs in All-Star Game Homerun Derby


Andrew McCutchen had his own look at the All-Star Game Home Run Derby. It nearly got him out of the first round. Cutch blasted four bombs, just short of enough to advance in the Derby. If he could have blasted one more he would have matched Prince Fielder’s first-round total and a swing-off would have determined who moved to the second round.

Much to the delight of Pirates fans, Chris Berman conducted an interview with Josh Hamilton while Cutch did his work. That seems about right, McCutchen rarely gets respect. Perhaps that will change if he can continue to put up Nintendo like numbers on the baseball diamond in the second half.

If you add it up, McCutchen hit more bombs than the past three Bucs who competed in the Derby combined. Back in 1992, Barry Bonds* managed just two. Bobby Bonilla and Jason Bay put up zeros in their Derby appearances.

Prince Fielder was the winner last night, outdistancing former Pirates slugger Jose Bautista.