The Baseball Show: Talking Pittsburgh Pirates and #AlwaysSmooth 58:4


Joe Sheehan and Rany Jazayerli have a podcast that, unlike the RumBunter podcast, seems back on a regular schedule. They don’t typically discuss the Pittsburgh Pirates, but times have changed.

Some highlights:

Sheehan is totally baffled by Clint Barmes and his 58 strikeouts to 4 walks rate.  Baffled.

Sheehan talks about the Pirates woeful OBP early in the season. But focuses on the differences between last year and this year and the legitimacy of the staff with addition of Burnett and resurgence of McDonald.

Sheehan does get that the team doesn’t truly run the bases well, but did take advantage of weak competition in June. He likes what the team did against the Phillies, Cardinals, and Giants.

He thinks the bullpen is better, but talks about Juan Cruz like it is April or May. But anyway it’s some good Pirates discussion.

A certain slugger is brought up by Joe. Rany said the team can make a few tweeks like finding a shortstop that can outhit Clint Barmes. #AlwaysSmooth 58:4

And guess what they think the team will do?

It’s some of the best baseball discussion on the Bucs we’ve heard in at least 24 hours.  Enjoy

The Baseball Show is available here