Pirates Caffeine: Neil Walker Stays White Hot, Nice Try Bob Ryan


Neil Walker has driven his average all the way up to .298. Talk about heating up this summer at the perfect time, Walker is thriving just when his team needs him most.

The defensive play is the first thing that impressed us this season, but now his bat is starting to catch up with his leather.

Walker is hitting .462 in his past ten games, .478 in the month of July with an .804 slugging. The average against left handers is up to .277 this season which was a point of his off season focus.

Remember Bob Ryan’s comments about Andrew McCutchen being lucky to play with the other reindeer in the reindeer games as it related to the All-Star Game?  What does he think people don’t have a memory in the ‘Burgh?

If you have some time to waste listening to Bob Ryan obviously trying to flip flop on his disrespect of the Pirates the link below has a video of his old ass.  It’s really funny when he says nobody deserves it more. Shut. Up.

Ryan’s video is unfortunately on top of this excellent article about Walker.

I still enjoyed the article, just hit mute.