Pirates Andrew McCutchen Is Ridiculous


We are witnessing something really special for Andrew McCutchen in 2012.  Just how special, you ask?  Only one other player has fifty hits and eleven homers in a 25 game span since 1900.  A guy named Chuck Klein.  We think McCutchen will be a bit more well known than Klein.

Just how popular could Cutch become?  The Pirates star sits atop the cross-sport power rankings now.  It’s only a matter of time until marketing geniuses find out about Pittsburgh’s biggest secret.  Especially if McCutchen continues to crush incredible bombs like this one.

The Pirates were down one run in the fourth inning.  Up stepped the one player that could have hurt the Rockies the most.  Three pitches later, Cutch had tied the game.  Not many players in the Pirates lineup last night can hit a ball 442 feet, and Rockies starter Christian Friedrich decided to find out.

McCutchen is now hitting .374 for the Pirates.  In his past forty at bats, he has nineteen hits, six bombs.  In his past 157 at bats, he has 66 hits!  66 hits!  123 total bases.  Just stupid.  It’s been a home run crushing, keyboard smashing season for the Bucs centerfielder.

He did it again last night.  He now has 22 bombs on the season.  He will surely do something impressive again today – we don’t think it will disturb all the people in the ice cream cone line again, but it’s starting to seem like there is nothing McCutchen can’t do.

Maybe someone could open up an ice cream stand 500 feet from home plate?   That’s unlikely, we guess, but we’d have to think a Rockies pitcher is more likely to hang another pitch to Cutch.

Who knows where it will end up?