The Gathering III



The Gathering III.

The Preparation for Domination Tailgate of the bad ass Pittsburgh Pirates fans in the summer sunshine.

The Mock Fest of pathetic Marlins fans.

Call it whatever you like.

Just don’t miss it.

Gold Lot Number 2. Early afternoon. If you need more last minute details go here:  Bucs Dugout Final Update-The Gathering

Bring something cold to drink. And taunts for the Marlins fans.

(Stuck for a taunt? Just do this: [insert Marlins player last name here] Sucks. Let’s Go Bucs]

Reyes Sucks!  Let’s Go Bucs!  Repeat.

I trust that your sexy ass will be in the Gold Lot today with a beverage in your hand as you hang with the most educated, most sabermetrically/forward thinking baseball minded (no Paul Alexander won’t be there) and the best looking (exception Cocktailsfor2) Pittsburgh Pirates fans in PNC Park Gold Lot Number Two. 

We will be the guy hawking photshop screens in the custom made tent tweeting his ass off.  Kidding.  We will be the ugly guy in the lucha mask t-shirt. Stop by.  Look for this guy.