Pittsburgh Pirates Headlines You Could See Based on What’s Already Been Written


As the storybook Pittsburgh Pirates season continues, we looked into our crystal ball to see the headlines that should be coming our way based on what some of the city’s finest have written already this season.



Dejan showed his love for Bob Nutting’s work with the tremendous turnaround of the 2012 Pirates.  DK wrote this feel good piece entitled Something for Nutting  which highlighted the brilliant decision that a Major League baseball team should have a Major League worthy facility in the talent rich area of the world where the team once dominated.

August 4, 2012:

Looking ahead, we predict DK is working on the follow up to his acclaimed piece on Nutting.



Back in May, John Steigerwald posted that the Bucs would have their 20th consecutive losing season and then he said something else that proved his soothsaying abilities.  He posted The Pirates Will Really Stink With A.J. Burnett.

It’s hard to predict what Steigerwald will come up with next after nailing how awful Burnett would be as a Pittsburgh Pirates starter.

"There are times when making a deal for a guy like Burnett makes sense. A team that thinks shoring up its starting rotation might make the difference in winning a division or getting a wild card could take a flier on him and hope that he’s a difference maker.The Pirates are going to stink without A.J. Burnett and they’re going to stink with him.From what I understand, he has a no trade clause.If I were the general manager of the Pirates, I wouldn’t want any player who didn’t have enough self respect to refuse to play in Pittsburgh."

September 1, 2012

The news breaks via twitter, and then it’s confirmed, Steigerwald is gonna give it up…



Joe Starkey seems like a good enough good guy.  During an internship I had at a resort in the Laurel Highlands a few years ago, Starkey came out to cover a large regional mountain bike race for the Trib.

He wrote a neat story that day.

Unfortunately, he missed the real story.  As a bleach blonde hotshot named Floyd Landis rode his bike, no-hands, wheelie stylin’ through the plaza on his way to a post-race party and eventually toward winning* the Tour de France,  Starkey interviewed the old guy who worked in the resort’s bike shop.  Riveting stuff.

Oh well.  Starkey predicted the Pirates to lose 90 games this season.  We are willing to bet, he will miss on that story too.  Just like he swung and hilariously missed when he wrote Pirates Spending Is Overated, without ever mentioning the details involved in scouting and development, or even the fact that Luis Heredia was the fifth largest amount of money invested for an international amateur.

September 2, 2012

Starkey looks in the mirror and makes the admission in this shocking post.   [crickets]  [more crickets]



Bob Smizik has amused me for years.  We called him out on his calling Neil Walker  “a Pittsburgh Guy who’s not a Pittsburgh guy.”

Yeh, after defending his comments for a few hours on Walker, he was forced to admit that his comments were over the top after the infield fly details were released.  Hilarous shit.

Smizik called for 73 Pittsburgh Pirates wins in 2012, and as the season has went along, he has become more and more pro Buccos.  We are shocked, yeh that’s what we’d call it.

We predict on September 3, this will be the post on Community Voices:



The Pittsburgh Post Gazette Editorial Board has tormented the Pittsburgh Pirates for years.    Looking back, the post after Nate McLouth was traded is quite hilarious.  In that post, the Board called for Mark Cuban.  Not.  Kidding.

Ahh, so enjoyable.

So when the PG absolutely blew it with PG+ and what was incredible coverage from DK, we were beyond upset.  It pissed us off beyond belief at the time when we wrote this parody post about the absurdity of the operation of the new pay site at the PG.   We did it in the Post-Gazette’s own Editorial Board format.   and it wasn’t well received.

But on October 1, 2012 we can see this running in the PG.


If you have any headlines you see coming, drop them in the comments for us.