Pittsburgh Pirates Pedro Alvarez on Intentional Talk


Pittsburgh Pirates Pedro Alvarez will be on Intentional Talk within the next 45 minutes.  Turn it on if you have time, set your slingbox, call the wife, just get it.  If that doesn’t work, we will try and get some of the action for you.

Here are some highlights:

Pedro said he was a big Manny fan growing up.  He said he was a Red Sox fan growing up.

Wade Boggs was his favorite player growing up.  He also mentioned Pedro and Big Papi.

When asked if he considered Kevin, all Pedro would say is he ‘remembered.’

He said in BP he has made the river, but said it is a little deeper than one thinks.

Pedro joked that the Zoltan is something he can’t talk about, smiled, and talked about how the fans have taken to it.

Kevin wanted to know about Jared Hughes calling him a mouth breather.  Pedro said the sprint from the bullpen might have something to do with the look Hughes has on the mound.

Kevin also asked about the ears being tucked, of course.  It’s from the Heights, Pedro said, I’ve done it ever since I played Little League.

Also, the interviews usually make it to this Intentional Talk video site rather quickly.