Pittsburgh Pirates Fall, Andrew McCutchen Beaned by Aroldis Chapman


Andrew McCutchen didn’t even rub it.  Hell, it didn’t even knock him down.  When a 101 MPH fastball hits steel, apparently it doesn’t hurt.   The MVP favorite simply gave Aroldis Chapman a stare, tore off his shin pad, and fired it toward the dugout.

Chapman took care of the rest with a whiff of Garrett Jones.

After the game, the cameras flashed to McCutchen who had some choice words toward the Reds post game/pre game Marty Brennamen head shaving event. Jeff Banister was the last to the leave the dugout, intently staring in the direction of the Cincy dugout.

We’ve heard from some good sources that the Reds dugout aren’t big fans of Chapman.  It’s awful curious where this came from looking back on it now.

It was a strange game.  An inside the park homerun, Charlie Sheen is alive and well—in a box at Great American Ballpark, Bob Davidson–the home plate umpire walked to the fence behind homeplate and had a word with a fan–apparently telling him to hold it down, Reds pitcher Mat Latos crushed a two-run bomb on a two-seamer away that gave the Reds right hander a three run cushion.

Still Wandy impressed.

Stay tuned.


McCutchen refused to talk about the pitch after the game.

"We had opportunities that we weren’t able to get.  We got the short end of the stick.  We will show up tomorrow and get ready to win."