Pittsburgh Pirates Auction Morphs Into #FakePiratesAuction Twitter Hilarity


Pittsburgh Pirates Charities does great work throughout Pittsburgh.  Last night’s auction benefited The Children’s Institute and raised over half a million dollars.  The team had various prizes such as a trip to Pirates Fantasy Camp in Bradenton, a softball game at PNC Park for 30 people, and probably the best one—the opportunity to meet the band Lifehouse!

Yeh, lots of cool stuff and some not so cool are sold at auction by the Bucs with the help of Greg Brown, Bob Walk,  and a whole lot of volunteers and attractive players wives including Keli Alvarez who although she didn’t have her own hashtag, caused quite a stir.  (Maybe subsitute meeting Lifehouse for metting Keli and then getting piledriven into the pavement by El Toro next year?)

So anyway it always creates quite a stir each year on twitter and helps us laugh our ass off since we don’t have thousands of dollars to bid on the great auction items.

Last night the hashtag #FakePiratesAuction might have been the pinnacle.  While the Roots Sports broadcast rolled, the twitter hashtag caught fire. UPDATE: it’s now trending nationwide, or at least it feels like it!  GO BUCS! CALL NOW!

We caught up with it after we got done in the studio on your next RumBunter podcast.  Once again a big win for Pirates Charities.  Good stuff.

FreakShowMikey got the action going, and scattered elsewhere were a few of our favorites.