Is Vic Black The Next Joel Hanrahan for the Pittsburgh Pirates?


FanGraphs has a great podcast up that features Altoona Curve closer Victor Black. The Curve are in Maine on a crucial roadtrip that could ultimately decide their playoff potential.  Black talks about his time in the minors and even how great it is to ride a bus twelve hours.

Black was the 49th overall pick by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2009 draft and has battled injuries over the past few years.  Black is kicking in the door to Triple-A by putting up excellent results for Double-A Altoona.

"“My strength is the agression and the velocity……. just the ability to go right at somebody.”  Vic Black"

Black talks about strikeouts, the 12-hour bus ride–and actually says that it isn’t too bad–he’s just glad he has a seat on the bus after missing so much time.  He also talks about his pitches and his ability to get the key out by overpowering opposing hitters.

Wait until you hear about him throwing the ball to the backstop….on purpose…hilarious!

The 98-MPH fireballer talks about injuries, and how it makes him appreciate baseball even more than he had in the past.  Black mentioned that he kept throwing through the pain.

In a moment of what just happened?  Black discusses the possiblity of being the future closer for the Pittsburgh Pirates after being called that by the interviewer

It’s an interesting interview and he sounds like a sharp guy.  His answers are detailed, if you have thirteen minutes, go check it out.    Without question, Vic Black does have the stuff to keep climbing the ladder should he continue to pile up the strikeouts as he has done this season.

The link to the podcast is here.