Fast and Furious: McPherson, Wilson Sent Back to Triple-A for Qualls, McCutchen


The Pittsburgh Pirates announced they have optioned Justin Wilson and Kyle McPherson to Triple-A Indianapolis.    Right hander Daniel McCutchen was brought up from Indy, and right hander Chad Qualls was reinstated from the bereavement list.

McCutchen has had a solid season in Triple-A.  The biggest memory McCutchen has left on fans would definitely be his impressive performance in the 19-inning marathon last season against the Atlanta Braves.  But Danimal wasn’t the same after that game.  He has spent most of the 2012 in Triple-A  Indianapolis and he has some nice numbers, especially recently.

The Qualls move begs to tell us that somehow the Pirates see something that most of the people on planet Earth don’t see, and thus can’t believe.  So, for the Pirates sake, let’s hope there is life on Mars, after all.

Both Wlison and McPherson were impressive in their major league debuts last night. It’s hard to imagine two more eye-opening moves than to see two rookies get five strikeouts over three innings.  It will be difficult to get either of them back to the big leagues before ten days after this move.  It’s just hard to imagine the reasoning, other than wanting to keep them as starters, but certainly the Bucs feel that the rookies can get it done, right?

And to think – neither of them slept well, they flew across the country, pitched great and then get told “See ya”?

We commended the Bucs on doing the right thing yesterday, less than 24 hours later, moves like this happen.