Clint Hurdle on 970 ESPN with David Todd– ‘I’ve Shared My Thoughts with Joe Torre…’


David Todd now hosts a show on 970 ESPN.  Today Clint Hurdle was Todd’s first guest.

Hurdle talked about the things that Pedro Alvarez can do.

The Bucs skipper discussed the many one run games in the mix after the 19th inning win over St. Louis.

"“We just need to play better baseball.  They don’t need to be instructed day in and day out.”  Clint Hurdle"

Hurdle said he told Pedro get two homers, get two hits, they clap for you when you strike out.  +1

When Todd said he thought Alvarez was gregarious, the new smart-ass Hurdle said he was there.   In several interviews lately it seems the tense Hurdle is coming out with some of his comments.  It’s probably just us, as everyone in this town loves Clint Hurdle.

About the beanball last night, Hurdle said he shared his thoughts with Joe Torre.

When asked about the long leash, Hurdle says he doesn’t swear a lot.  He came back with a bit of a joke saying it didn’t prevent him from getting thrown out eight or nine times last season.

Todd asked about the long leash he has given veterans, Hurdle said he measures risk versus reward.  The Bucs skipper said he gets electrocuted at the super market about Clint Barmes and Rod Barajas.  He said Barajas has gotten more out of the pitching staff.  Compliments were given to Michael McKenry.  Hurdle said he will always protect his players and won’t go into detail with the media.  The words slow heart beat came out as it typically does when he defends Barmes and Barajas.

Justin Wilson, Jeff Locke, and Bryan Morris were brought up by Todd who said should we assume they won’t come in and be an elixir.  Hurdle said about carrying one long reliever, so addding one would be ideal.  He also said about early matchups in games.  Hurdle talked about looking at players that might not have an option.  Chase D’Arnaud’s speed was discussed.  Hurdle mentioned looking at another speed option in the Indy outfield, but Hurdle made a point to say he doesn’t want to steal players from Indy.

Todd asked about game decisions being second guessed and he asked a good question about revisiting past series and looking ahead at future series.  Hurdle said he sometimes reaches out, and sometimes Huntington calls him to share thoughts.

Hurdle said he won’t bat a thousand.  Ive never showed up at a ballpark and said I am going to ratchet things up tonight.  Dan Fox is as good a systems analysis expert as there in the game.  I have to be able to trust my gut and trust my eyes.  I need to be judged accordingly.

I am not going to hide.  I am not Casey Stengel.  Todd said he might be funnier than Casey.  Hurdle came back with the line, ‘funny don’t win you ball games.’

The bullpen usage was discussed.  Comfort zone, human element, and tried stretching Hanrahan last season was brought up by Hurdle.  The poor success by Hanrahan in being stretched out was mentioned.

You can always argue the stat element, but I am dealing with the human element.  You look at numbers and can say anyone can go out there and get three outs.  And then I watch it and it’s hardest thing from the truth.

Here is the link to 970 ESPN.  The interview will be up in a podcast.  David Todd on Twitter