Pedro Alvarez Has 25 Home Runs for the Pittsburgh Pirates: Here They All Are in Their Photoshop Glory

Pedro Alvarez has hit 25 homers for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The sound off of Pedro Alvarez’s bat last night at PNC Park electrified the warm August night.  His second homer of the night is the longest by a Pirates player in the history of PNC Park.   Damn, we like the sound of that, Pete.

As we’ve said all year – when Pedro Alvarez hits a bomb, we get a little bit more excited about the 2012 season. Coming into the year, everyone knew he would be the great unknown and the ultimate key to the Pittsburgh Pirates season.

He’s doing damn well, especially against the Cardinals.  He is now 21-for-54 against the Red Birds in 14 games this year.  Alvarez has reached base safely in 11 of his last 12 games, going 17-for-43 with 10 walks.

The next number Petey is chasing is 34.  That’s the club record for a Pirates third baseman set by Aramis Ramirez in 2001.

So, here you go – once again, our favorite post– we take a look at each of the Pedro Alvarez home runs this season:

8APR: The first homer came off Phillies right hander Vance Worley in the fifth inning of the opening series in Pittsburgh. The towering blast traveled a true distance of 403 feet. The majestic bomb had an apex of 117 feet.

18APR: The second homer came off Daniel Hudson in Arizona. Alvarez hit the ball 380 feet into the Chase Field stands to tie the game at one a piece.

25APR: This bomb tied up the game with the Rockies. Pedro crushed it 393 feet at a speed of 108.7 mph off his bat.

25APR: Pedro’s fourth bomb was of the Gong Show variety, as it nearly brought down the right field foul pole at PNC Park when he crushed a seventh inning pitch from Juan Nicasio. The missile never got higher than 58 feet from the ground. Listen to this blast

30APR: Pedro welcomed southpaw Mike Minor into his home run club when he crushed his fifth blast of the year 412 feet into the Atlanta sunshine, breaking a 2-2 tie in the fourth inning.

1MAY: Adam Wainwright served up this 416 foot monster at Busch Stadium. There is no word on injuries caused by the blast.

3MAY: Pedro ripped his seventh of the season off Jake Westbrook of the Cardinals. The standard distance had this two-run, go ahead bomb at 410 feet. Video.

27MAY: Pedro’s 8th homer was served up by right hander Matt Garza in the first inning, and gave the Bucs an early 3-0 lead. The ball reached an apex of 122 feet, the most towering blast of the year for Alvarez. The video is here.

16JUNE: Alvarez had just enough distance on this solo homer in the second inning, which tied the game for the Pirates. We especially enjoyed the disgusted faces of the Indians fans in the video after the Pedro bomb lands.

16JUNE: Pedro vaults the visiting Pittsburgh Pirates fans to their feet in the top of the ninth inning. Sweet music to our ears; listen to the Bucs fans take over the Jake in the video.

17JUNE: Alvarez belted a three-run home run to right field, giving the Pirates a 3-2 lead, their first of the game. Video

17JUNE: Pedro sent Pittsburgh fans into a seizure with this one. It was crushed. Pedro took an Esmil Rogers fastball deep for his second three-run home run of the game, extending the Pirates lead to 9-4 in the fifth inning. Video

21JUNE: Pedro’s mammoth bomb bounced off the railing of PNC Park and into the hands of the right field ball hawk with the huge glove. The bomb traveled 443 true feet. The longest bomb to date for Pedro.

28JUNE: Pedro hit a missile 349 feet for a solo shot off Phillies right-hander Kyle Kendrick.

30JUNE: Pedro crushed a Lance Lynn heater in the middle middle of the plate for a 425 foot bomb. Oh yeah, it was a grand slam, too.

6JULY: Javier Lopez hadn’t surrendered a gopher ball since he was wearing a gold ‘P’ on his hat. Pedro changed all of that with a 434 ‘cannon ball’

13JULY: Zack Greinke was trying to strut his stuff; instead he served up a 425 foot Pedro bomb. Video

16JULY: Rex Brothers,  meet Pedro Alvarez. Pedro, this is Re — jeez, first pitch gone! Three-run blast on some serious heat tied up the game in the ninth inning, after a 53-minute rain delay. Thankfully, all of the Rockies fans thought they would melt… turns out they were right, it just wasn’t rain falling, it was Pedro fire. Video

17JULY: Pedro destroyed another one to the opposite field. This is getting dangerous.

20JULY      The solo shot in the fourth inning was hit off Ricky Nolasco and traveled 395 feet.   VIDEO

22JULY  After Pedro Alvarez hit a softie right in front of the plate, the Marlins catcher let it roll foul. The poor decision is analyzed below. Moments later, #DayDro slugged a two-run shot on the next pitch for a 3-0 Bucco lead.  It was a pea and went 402 feet; at its apex the ball was 79 feet. VIDEO

16AUG    All Joe Blanton remembers is that it was a 1-1 count when the right hander served up a 415 foot Pedro bomb that had plenty of  ‘oomph’ to leave the yard.   VIDEO

Los Angeles Dodgers Joe Blanton goes to the changeup with a one ball and one strike count on Pedro. Pedro reaches the ball, and watch his head if you are keeping score at home.

Please notice Pedro’s lower body. Awesome. Not needed. There might be some flex in the right knee. We can’t really say, but one thing doesn’t happen: those powerful hips don’t move. Unreal.

Now, look at those arms, those massive freaking arms. They do all the work. Hell, if you look at 1:34 on this video, Pedro gets his hips through more in his practice golf swing….

Hey, Joe Blanton… Pedro Alvarez doesn’t even need his hips to take you deep!

And another view of Pedro’s massive arms doing work.

19AUG Pedro’s 19th-inning blast at oh-dark-thirty still echoes throughout Pittsburgh. On a 1-2 Barret Browning pitch, El Toro broke the 3-3 tie. VIDEO

Keli Alvarez loved it….

Here is the video if you want to watch it about one hundred bajillion more times.

28AUG #JewishHeritageDayDro

Pedro Alvarez continued his mastery over the St. Louis Cardinals.  VIDEO

28AUG Alvarez became the Pittsburgh Pirate hitter with the distinction of hitting the longest home run ball in PNC Park history.  We are still screaming after that curtain call.  Goosebumps, you guys.   VIDEO 1:52 mark

WARNING:  Pedro Alvarez usually goes on a tear when this happens.  If you sit in the outfield–you’ve been warned.  We have a feeling you like it, too.  Sick.

29AUG:  UPDATE ON THE WARNING UPDATE:  Pedro hit number 26 to help the Pirates take the season series against the World Series Champions at PNC Park.