Is Pittsburgh Pirates Brock Holt Set to Star in New Mr. Right Now Video?


The Pittsburgh Pirates Brock Holt had a night last night.  Now today, we are hearing rumors there is a new video going to be released starring Holt.  We aren’t positive if these are the correct lyrics, or if the video is really going to ever see the light of day,  but our sources say this was close to what went on the track.

The song is a remake of the popular Billboard country hit by The Povertyneck Hillbillies.  In the original, Pittsburgh Steeelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was the star.    If you missed it, watch the video below before so you get an idea of how the song will be sung….

PNH has since broken up, which made it even harder to believe that this project would ever see the light of day, but if the rumors are true, another chart topper is certain.

Brock Holt.  Mr. Right Now.  Here are the lyrics:

You can spend the night waitin’ for a shortstop to come along

Take a look around at all these guys

d’Arnaud, Mercer, and Harrison too……, judge ’em all with your critical eye

I got a feeling you’ll be waiting for a long, long time

Well, Brock Holt may not be Mr. Right

But Baby he can hit the ball tonight

He may not be Mr. Right

But he’s Mr. Right now

He’s not the perfect player for the average fan

But in the words of Hurdle he am what he am

All I can say is he’ll slug it better than Clint can

What Nutting pays for ain’t always what you get,

and Clint Barmes still ain’t done shit yet

Holt gave us a night that we won’t forget

Well…………………………. he might not be Mr. Right

But Baby he got four hits last night

He might not be Mr. Right

But he’s Mr. Right now

How do you feel about a little post season romance

Can I buy you a drink as we watch the Bucs reach the dance

What do you think…. are you willin’ to take a chance

Well the Bucs say if he had the arm they might

Shit, they can’t even sew his number on right

He might not be Mr. Right

But Brock Holt is Mr. Right now

Well he might not be Mr. Right

But he’s gonna hit five bombs at PNC Park tonight

He might not be Mr. Right

But He’s Mr. Right now


Well there you go.  Kinda catchy.  Stay tuned for more updates and if we get our hands on the video, we will be sure to get it on here for you guys.