Reds Brandon Phillips Charges Racism in Tweet


At about 2 a.m. this morning after the Pittsburgh Pirates had lost to the Cincinnati Reds by a 4-3 score, Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips had this to say on twitter:

"“#RealTalk… Not really surprised by what I heard come outta another player’s mouth tonite but DAMN… Still PISSED bout that $h¡+!! #Racism”"

Here is the video:

Phillips was hit in the left leg by a pitch from Pirates reliever Jared Hughes in the eighth inning. After being hit, Phillips awkardly walked around Pirates catcher Rod Barajas to retrieve the baseball.

The secondbaseman underhanded the ball to the right of the mound. Hughes didn’t see it right away and in the postgame said it startled him.

Hughes shouted at Phillips as he headed toward first base.  We’re not lip readers, but it appeared that Hughes told Phillips to throw the ball to the dugout and threw some f bombs in there.  As expected, the umpires were all over it and had a huddle to ensure everything was under control.  Maybe bad lip readers dot com can figure this all out.

Phillips stood on the bag, and Hughes threw over with a pickoff attempt. In the postgame, Hughes said this on RootSports:

"“I wasn’t expecting the ball to come back towards me, usually the ball goes to the bat boy after someone gets hit. I was kind of startled, and it upset me.” Jared Hughes"

Phillips had some words with Andrew McCutchen and was visibly upset in the Reds dugout as he spoke with Dusty Baker. It should be interesting what comes out of this, and oh yeh, Phillips was 0-for-5 in the 14 inning Reds win.