Pittsburgh Pirates Will Turn It Around Against Chicago Cubs (Hides Crossed Fingers)


As we prepare for the biggest RumBunter Podcast ever, we started sorting through the Pittsburgh Pirates offensive production over the past ten games.  You probably know this already, but… it’s not good.

But be of good cheer, Pirates fans!  We are here to tell you that this can’t continue.  No way.

As we try to be positive, let’s start with the good news:  Brock Holt is hitting .364 in a table-setting role for the Pirates offense.  He has started the last ten games at second base and is rocking an eight game hitting streak (14-for-46)

The question to ponder is this:  Where will Holt fit once Neil Walker returns?  It’s impossible to fathom the offense without Holt’s output.  In an interesting ‘fun with small sample size’ stat, he has produced with runners in scoring position at a .667 clip, going four-for-six.

Gaby Sanchez has been solid with a .292 average, six walks and five strikeouts over his past ten.  Sanchez has hit two bombs while plating seven teammates, which means Gaby has driven in 20% of the runs during the past ten games..

Garrett Jones is a new player.  He has hit .306 and drawn seven walks against just two strikeouts over his past ten games.

Andrew McCutchen has hit .263 in his past ten, which is hardly bad, but hardly good for McCutchen.  Cutch has hit two bombs, walked five times, and struck out five times.  Four of his ten hits came in one game, but it was against Houston.  At the time, it appeared to be a back to-MVP-like performance for Cutch, but the Cubs series saw him get just one hit.

That’s about it for the good news.  Jose Tabata has looked good and has six hits in his last sixteen at-bats.

Pedro Alvarez has had many opportunities, but has failed at a high rate in clutch situations.  El Toro is hitting .143 with just one bomb in his last ten games.

Rod Barajas has five hits in his past 32 at-bats with six strikeouts.  That’s .156.

Michael McKenry is just as bad, going four-for-20 with seven strikeouts.  The Fort has walked four times in his past ten games.

Clint Barmes is hitting at a .185 clip in the past ten games.   #AlwaysSmooth is hitting about .250 since the All-Star break.  He’s also the best SS –  according to the metrics –  so there’s that.

Josh Harrison is hitting just .185 in the past ten.  Starling Marte? .156 with eleven strikeouts.  Alex Presley, .240.  Travis Snider – .174 with seven strikeouts (stretches back to Aug 28 due to injuries.)

So, there you have it.  The BABIP over these games has been insanely low for Petey, Marte, and Snider (.100).    We trust that Alvarez, Marte and Snider are able to get back in the lineup in Chicago, because we feel some offense coming.  The numbers tell us their struggles won’t continue; they simply can’t.   Now, we need to practice saying that in the mirror a hundred times, so we’re going to go for now.

A progression to the mean is coming.  Pride. Patience.  Pittsburgh Pirates.