Pittsburgh Pirates ‘Eyes Open’ Video Is So Damn Haunting


The Pittsburgh Pirates are 72-71 now.   And this video is  haunting my dreams…  we dare you to try and watch it.

We don’t know who the singer is, but maybe it is the tone of her voice that gets me. It captures the spirit of the Pirates going 31-65 in August and September the past two years. It captures my disbelief at the Pirates horrible slump, they haven’t won on the road in what seems like forever.

The opportunites that have been missed are hard to even capture in words for you anymore. It just seems like the Bucs are playing like their fans are feeling. Numb.

So if you’re watching the video here you go…it’s so damn haunting to watch.

The comments from the President’s clever speech writer about the Pittsburgh Pirates and White Sox,

The packed crowds at PNC Park,

All of the fun we had in the parking lots all summer, when we dreamed about just what might happen,

The electricity in the air,

The strikeouts piled up by Jason Grilli, and all those strikeouts as Joel Hanrahan notched another save, and the Jolly Roger waved,

The song talks about ‘being in backyards waving swords,’ the Bucs played baseball like they were kids playing wiffeball,

All those Zoltans being flashed,

The #MartePartay,

All those #PedroBombs,

#DayDro, #MVP! #MVP! #MVP, #GFJ, #Manchild and #Hometown,

Where has it all gone?

We can’t even watch the end of the video. Maybe the Bucs will win a game tomorrow.