Pittsburgh Pirates Trade Rumors: Bucs Eye Red Sox Relievers


The Pittsburgh Pirates have recognized a problem. The bullpen that was once lock down, air tight, has turned into a screen door in hurricane season.

MLB Trade Rumors reports the Pirates have been looking at Red Sox relief pitchers.  Nick Cafardo tweeted the information this afternoon.

Of course, none of the relievers would be eligible for the post season, but right now the Pirates are just trying to make it a possibility with the Brewers and Dodgers in front of them.

Perhaps, Bob Nutting has requested the team to do something.  Is it a little too late?  Well, we say it’s never too late, but damn is it getting close.

The Bucs roster has 18 pitchers.

The team was connected to Vincente Padilla in the offseason and might be a veteran that Clint Hurdle would trust.    The only problem is Padilla has been quite hittable since the All-Star break.

We grabbed all the Red Sox pitchers stats after the break for you to review below.  We can definently see the relief corps for the Sox isn’t filled with arms that make me green with envy, but perhaps the Pirates see something that might be able to help them get back in the mix for the Wild Card berth.

Junichi  Tazawa jumps off the chart for us.  The righty has struck out 17 bad guys in his last 11.2 innings of work giving up just four hits.  Left hander Andrew Miller….now that would be acceptable as well.