The RumBunter Podcast  welcomes The RumBunter Podcast  welcomes

Pittsburgh Pirates Kyle McPherson, Tony Sanchez, and Neal Huntington Join the RumBunter Podcast


The RumBunter Podcast  welcomes Kyle McPherson, Tony Sanchez, and General Manager Neal Huntington to the show.

You can download the podcast here.

Listen as our favorite double black belt, Kyle McPherson talks about pitching to a boyhood idol during his recent time in the majors.

You don’t want to miss the self declared #FanFavorite, Tony Sanchez, discuss his rise to the Triple-A level in 2012.  (He makes us laugh out loud repeatedly during the interview and even sticks around to speak with McPherson after he says he could kick his ass.)

Neal Huntington answers the question we pose about A.J. Burnett being the lone man to jump the railing during the Brandon Phillips and Jared Hughes confrontation.   The Bucs GM also discusses what the team was doing to prepare to turn around the losses that were piling up for the Buccos.  Huntington talks about just how much extra work the Bucs are doing in advance to determine how teams will attack them down the stretch.

A big shoutout to MVP Adam who puts it all together each week.  You might have noticed the host with the most Cocktailsfor2 and Adam pimping at Wrigley Field last weekend after the podcast was recorded.

Cocktails was the fistbumper and we can’t help but ask, did the magic bump contribute to the recent power surge of  Clint Barmes?  Think about it…did Clint Barmes find his superpower from the host with the most?  We think it certainly helped.