VIDEO, Details of Ex-SEALS Training Group Working with Pittsburgh Pirates


The Pittsburgh Pirates used Acumen Performance Group for the much talked about ‘SEALS Training’ that has Buccos fans scratching their heads today.

We went over to the Acumen website and here is just some of what you can find.  The first interesting thing was the testimonial from Bernie Holliday.

Pittsburgh Pirates Extended Spring Training

"“Thank you for spending two days with us and helping our young players grow as men and come together as a team.  Your training helped reinforce the importance of setting the highest standard, holding true to that standard, and holding one another accountable for meeting and exceeding that standard. Teammates are afraid to hold one another accountable to high standards nowadays, and your training helped us move forward in this area.  More importantly, your training helped our players and staff realize that we can accomplish far more than we think we can.  People are chronic underachievers because they underestimate their capabilities.  They hit the brakes when confronting their limitations.  After completing the training, we recognize more than ever that the biggest limitations are self-imposed.  Learning these lessons, our guys are better at “being comfortable being uncomfortable” when things get hard and moving forward with composure and conviction.  “Calm is contagious.”  Thank you again for helping us raise the bar.”Bernie Holliday Director of Mental Conditioning Pittsburgh Pirates Player Development"

The Buffalo Sabres used the organization for training this summer at their prospects camp:

"Among other exercises, the prospects trained each day with Acumen Performance Group, comprised of retired Navy SEALs, at a local beach.“We were trying to improve their (the prospects’) mental ability, stronger from the neck up,” said Bill Hart, the CEO of Acumen. “At the end of the day, if we give them the tools to succeed and they apply those tools, they come out of it much stronger.”“It was a tough camp for the boys but seeing all our Sabres faithful out there each day was great motivation,” said forward Luke Adam. “Our fans are incredible.”"

The Sabres have a gallery on their team website that highlights the training with 34 pictures.

In the video below, Accumen CEO Bill Hart talks about his work with the Sabres of the NHL and explains he is trying to improve the mental ability of the players.

Acumen Performance Group