Every so often, we call bullshit on something we read.  Most recently, it was the Every so often, we call bullshit on something we read.  Most recently, it was the

We Call Bullshit: If Pittsburgh Pirates GM Stays, No Changes Coming


Every so often, we call bullshit on something we read.  Most recently, it was the J.J. Cooper/scout/Pedro Alvarez comment.

We called bullshit.

The striking headline of the day comes from Michael Sanserino of the Post Gazette.

I call bullshit, bigtime.  It’s a far reaching headline to say changes won’t be made, from what Huntington is quoted as saying in the article.  We doubt Sanserino wrote the headline, because we can’t connect the quotes in the article with the headline.

If Huntington said he wasn’t changing anything, it should be in the article.  It’s not, in fact Huntington says we need to take a long look at ourselves.

I wondered how the thought could even be mentioned of changing nothing amidst the Collapse 2.0.   It appears to me to be a bit of a stretch.  The article mentions Huntington believing in his staff.  Sure he is going to say that, he needs to build the case before going in front of Frank Coonelly and Bob Nutting.

But I don’t see Huntington keeping everyone around if he is retained.  It’s impossible.  Think about this.  You work in the organization.  You read no changes are coming, the GM believes in you.

So the season ends and it goes down that you are fired.  So who did it to you?  Bob Nutting or Frank Coonelly did it, because Neal said he wasn’t making any changes, right?

This is a twisted mess.

Does Frank Coonelly read this quote and take offense?  Probably a little bit, it sounds like a line in the sand, but Huntington is simply stating he believes in his people.  He never says he wouldn’t change anything.

The end of the article conflicts with the headline even more so…..  “I came out in the middle of the season and talked about we weren’t going to  have the same second half because we had better depth, we had better  players. We had better leadership. Unfortunately, we had the same slide. We’ve  got to take a long look at ourselves.”

A long look at ourselves typically means heads roll, improvements are made, CHANGES ARE MADE.  Coaches will be changed, scouts will be changed, we doubt there are changes at the highest levels, like Kyle Stark or Larry Broadway, but changes will be made.

Look, that headline sucks.  To think there won’t be changes made within the Pittsburgh Pirates organization is insane.   Changes are coming.   Huntington is not going anywhere, but some changes are coming they just won’t be anything major.

Don’t believe everything you read.

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