Happy Fan Appreciation Day Pittsburgh Pirates Fans!


As Bob Nutting waits, the talent vanishes around MLB.

Bob Nutting told the press he wasn’t pleased with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  A statement from Frank Coonelly comes out nine days later and says something to the effect that everyone will remain.

Dejan tracks down Nutting and gets an interview.   The only writer in town to do so, that I’ve seen.

Nutting says a few words for Dejan’s column and rode off into the sunset.    Nutting only had time for a few words, because he was really busy.

Major League Baseball teams that desperately want to win (again) make bold moves.  They take action.  The Pirates organization is fond of talking to the press or talking at the press and ultimately to their fans by issuing words in the form of statements.  It takes a while for the Pirates to spring into action.

Look at the Boston Red Sox today.   I think it’s an example of the old adage about surrounding yourself with people that are successful, that are smarter than you, and great things will happen.

We find it curious that the Pittsburgh Pirates aren’t rumoured to be adding such a cool position as a major league special assignment scout.  Even though one of the best ones is gone  now that the Red Sox are about to hire Eddie Bane, the man who picked Mike Trout–along with a list of other MLB talent that Bane eyed and signed.

"How serious are the Red Sox about adding new talent evaluators? They are about to hire Eddie Bane, the man who drafted spectacular rookie Mike Trout while he was scouting director of the Los Angeles Angels, as a major league special assignment scout with additional responsibilities in both amateur and professional scouting.Bane, who was hired by the Tigers as a pro scout after he was fired by the Angels in 2010 — Tony Reagins, the GM who fired him, subsequently lost his job a year later — was granted permission by the Tigers to interview with the Red Sox, who met with him earlier this month…here is the link from ESPN Boston"

On countless occassions we have heard that the Pirates are in a small market, with a smaller TV deal, and they simply can’t compete against the big guys.  It’s simply horseshit defeatism.

The game is all about evaluating talent, and developing talent.

If the Pirates want to win badly, nothing is impossible.  Nothing.  But it takes good people.  The Boston Red Sox are going to get one of those good people on their staff.

Maybe the Pirates could pick that Eric Kubota guy’s brain a little bit for some help.  How many of those A’s starters are rookies?  Damn!

Anyway, we really just wanted to say Happy Fan Appreciation Day!