Pittsburgh Pirates TV Ratings Soar


The Pittsburgh Pirates are must see TV

Not too many people are thrilled with the hometown Pittsburgh Pirates today.   The team finished a few wins shy of the goal of winning a world championship.  The team finished poorly and it left a sting among the fans of the ‘Burgh.

But there is definently somebody that is thrilled with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  It’s ROOT Sports.  Check out the ratings the Pirates delivered in 2012.

Sports Business Daily has a story about it up now.  The link is here.

With about a week and a half to go, the Detroit Tigers were the ratings darling.

Tigers games are shown on FS Detroit and the ratings are on pace to be the biggest ever in Tigers history.  Don Kelly, Jim Leyland and Miggy have launched a 9.13 average rating.  The story says it’s a monster 42 percent increase.  The 168,000 average homes that tune into Tigers games is the third-highest audience in MLB.

The Cincinnati Reds are next and that’s followed by the St. Louis Cardinals on FS Midwest with a 7.68 and then the Pirates on Root Pittsburgh check in with a monster 6.52.

We can remember when Frank Coonelly put together the deal with ROOT.  We have to think both parties are pretty happy today.    We wonder if Frank thinks he could have received more?  At the time, the Bucs were just awful, now they are flirting with contention.

The expectations of all Pirates fans have changed.  People are watching.