Pittsburgh Pirates: What We Will Miss and What We Won’t Miss


I will miss PNC Park event staff like Donna Mangold.  All she cares about is making “her people” happy.  Whatever they pay Donna, it’s not enough.  But I have a feeling Donna doesn’t do it for the pay.  If you decide to go to PNC Park in 2013, find Donna.  You might thank me later.

I won’t miss the postgame show with  Dan Zangrilli and Kevin.  It lacked the fun and smiles that were  so apparent with much worse teams with Rocco and David.  It’s a damn shame the Pirates and 93.7 The Fan swung and missed so badly.

I won’t miss Clint Hurdle small ball.

I will miss all those long balls from the Buccos.

I won’t miss the Buccos preference for playing veterans.

I will miss the excitement of a Starling Marte triple.

I will miss the electricity of fans at PNC Park.  Damn it was fun in June and July.

I will miss talking Buccos with my buddies (3rdboss and EMac) at work.  I bet you will too.

I won’t miss the mismanagement of the concessions at PNC Park.  It’s so frustrating to watch numerous registers not be used during games as we wait for innings, yes innings–to spend money.  Perhaps if anyone that actually worked for the Pirates would check on such things, this would improve.  But don’t count on it.  A really smart man said it best a long time ago, when people are standing in line to give you money, don’t make them stand in line.  They won’t stand there long.

I miss the fun days of Pittsburgh Pirates baseball.  Watching this team win was so much fun.

I won’t be looking forward to 2013.  Look at that schedule.  Damn.

If Joel Hanrahan is traded, the Pirates will miss him.

If Garrett Jones is traded, the Pirates will miss him.

If Kevin Correia doesn’t return,  I will miss him.

If Jeff Karstens doesn’t return, everyone will miss him.  Is there a guy that more fans can connect with than Karstens?  He’s so normal.  Everyone thinks they look better than he does.  But has everyone seen his fiance?

I won’t miss getting ice cream in a San Diego souvenir helmet.  Seriously, someone needs to fix this.  Try explaining this to the union Frank?!

I will miss Terry Rodgers and his great tweets.   Terry runs the twitter account for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and he killed it.  Absolutely killed it.  So when you swore at the Pittsburgh Pirates twitter account this year, you swore at Terry–go apologize.

I won’t miss the tired, know-it-all marketing of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  A trip to PNC Park is just so damn predictable these days.  We thought it would be different this year.  What will the new marketing ideas be in 2013?  A couple commercials–finally? Look.  Buccos marketing is tired.  It’s boring.  It needs a change.

I miss Neal Freaking Walker.

Everyone is going to miss Pedro.  Damn, the sound of his bat when he launches bombs.

I won’t miss Rod Barajas.

I won’t miss teams stealing at will on the Bucs.

I won’t miss Bob Nutting.  We listen to media heads giving Nutting props for spending money in the draft.  Spare me fellas, he better spend money in the draft.  The big question is, where will his money be spent now?

And oh, by the way, we won’t miss listening to flip-floppers like Vinnie “to be on honest with you” Richichi on the Fan.

Clint Hurdle. Enjoy the offseason. Love, RumBunter

I won’t miss Clint Hurdle.  The definition of mediocre after the final game of the 2012 season?  Geez.  Save it.

RumBunter will never overcharge you.  RumBunter will never (intentionally) underserve.  To this point in the existence of RumBunter we have never asked for a moldy dime.  So, maybe we should start selling something?

Here’s a question.  Do the Pirates overcharge and underserve?  Our trip to the park today for the final game of the regular season felt like they did.  We spent an hour circling lots that don’t allow “ballgame parking.”  But that’s not anyone’s fault.

We stood in line for an inning and a half to get shitty food.  But that’s not anyone’s fault.

We watched a team go down in order inning after inning, first pitch swinging most of the way. A general lack of focus was prevalant up and down the batting order.    But, again, that’s not anyone’s fault.

We watched  Coach Leyva and Searage stare into the padding while the game went on.  But that’s not anyone’s fault either.

We think the Bucs are a bargain.  But that isn’t how some of you feel.  We think it can be  good argument.

But what isn’t an argument is the fact that the Buccos are a monopoly.  Good for Bob Nutting.  The famous franchise is in the hands of a douche bag who has been a loser every single season.

Can anyone manage a business worse than Bob Nutting….and laugh all the way to the bank while doing so.

But heh, he’s done what no owner in Pittsburgh sports has never done.  The guy hasn’t EVER put a winner on the field, but he’s been able to double the net worth of his asset.

If only the Pirates had more Donna’s, maybe this mess would be easier to digest.