Pittsburgh Pirates Neil Walker-Boring Has Value


Neil Walker’s age 27 season will be a good one

Many of you play fantasy baseball and have ridden the highs and lows of having Neil Walker on your teams.

We saw a cool article today on predicting the future value Walker has. 

"Although the HR/FB ratios and isolated slugging rates have bounced around, his distance has been rather consistent. In 2012, the average distance was about 274 feet, so Walker has shown pretty strong marks over the years. Given the distance, it seems pretty surprising that he had only managed to muster HR/FB ratios in the 7%-9% range previous to this season. This year’s mark seems to match the distance figure much better."

Of course, Walker will be working with a bigger paycheck in his peaking age 27 season.    The article has some nice predictions for Walker.

The key for the Pittsburgh kid is being healthy.  We know that he has started to work his ass off to get his back squared away again.

If you remember this hilarious video in which Garrett Jones and Walker are working out, it’s easy to see that Walker isn’t afraid to do the extra work.  Doing it with GFJ is just a bit more fun when he trys to destroy the John Deere tractor.

It’s going to be a good year for NFW, just watch.  27 years old.  Healthy.  Motivated.  Paid.

It can’t get here fast enough.