Pittsburgh Pirates Vic Black Named to Rising Stars Roster, Watch It On MLB Network


2009 First-Rounder Vic Black will be on the Rising Stars roster this weekend.   Black has pitched in the Arizona Fall League for the Scottsdale Scorpions.  Black has been placed on the Eastern Division roster and will participate in Saturday’s event, which will feature some of the top prospects in all of professional baseball.

Nineteen prospects from MLB.com’s Top 100 Prospects  were named to the annual exhibition of the AFL’s best of the best.   If you’re out on the town Saturday night, be sure to set th DVR as the game will air live on MLB Network and MLB.com at 8 p.m. ET.

Black was selected out of high school in 2009 and has battled arm injuries throughout his career, it now looks like Black will be on the doorsteps of the Major Leagues in 2013.

The 6’3″ right hander has had one clean inning in the AFL.


We wrote about Black earler this year around the time it was announced he was headed to the AFL:

The Pittsburgh Pirates amuse me at times. So Vic Black wasn’t given a heads upthat he might pitch after the season ended? It makes me think deeply on the matter a bit, so stay with me. The way I first read this was Black didn’t really think the Buccos thought much of him?

"“I didn’t think I’d keep playing, so I shut it down mentally,” Black said. “It definitely caught me off guard at first, but it’s a privilege. All these guys out here are top-notch players. For them to think that highly of me to send me out here to get some more innings, there is a purpose behind it and I’m excited.”"

Vic Black is nasty. Surely, the right hander realizes this fact right? I mean come on. When we saw him in Toona town this year, the guy opens up your eyes. He pops the glove after a rather violent delivery. It reminded me of when we asked Kyle McPherson a couple years ago who McPhershon thought had the best stuff in the system that he’d seen–without hesitation he said Vic Black. Pitchers notice that shit.

But then I started thinking and as you guys know that can be dangerous. Remember back on August 14, when it was apparent the Buccos bullpen was having some problems? I know you are probably thinking about the article we wrote back then…. Pirates Looking for Help?? Under-the-Radar Talent Isn’t Far Away

Since you didn’t click the story, the best line we had was—‘with the Pirates needing to make up some ground in August,’ oh damn, that stings. But here is the premise….the pitchig was sucking ass and the ballclub had options in Triple-A and with Black doing work for the Altoona Curve.

The hard throwing right hander was in the middle of striking out 22 batters in a little over 12 innings. So when he didn’t get promoted, perhaps he didn’t know what to think. What a weird situation, wouldn’t someone at least discuss the possiblity with Black that he could be heading to Arizona?

Heh, whatever, he’s working on a third pitch. Check out the article, it’s interesting as always and Black gets the message that the Pirates do think something about his efforts. The big phrase being….there is a purpose behind it.

Let’s trust Black gets that two seamer working, the Pirates are going to need it soon.

"“For them to think that highly of me to send me out here to get some more innings, there is a purpose behind it and I’m excited.”"