No Changes for Pittsburgh Pirates: Pardon Us Bob Nutting, We Are Busy Counting


Pirates Owner Bob Nutting has spoken on his investigation

Pittsburgh Pirates owner Bob Nutting has spoken.  One of the richest owners in baseball told reporters that he was angry about the Bucs most recent collapse.  But the teams’ “success”  was good enough to keep everyone employed.   Even though the team will see a significant increase in revenues in 2013, Nutting did not announce the addition of talented baseball men to his organization.

It’s all status quo.  Well almost, the mastermind did have some advice for angry fans.

The management team Nutting once called the best in baseball, maybe all of sports, are safe.    Every person involved with the teams drafting and development will keep their jobs.

Yet at the same time, out of the other side of Nutting’s mouth, he said his review of the team is still ongoing.  Isn’t this rather comical?  An organization and it’s ownership should always be reviewing what goes well and what doesn’t.   Does he really need to state this fact?

The Bucs majority owner talked about finding a balance in the popular Hoka Hey training which is interesting to us.  The comments about the Latin players reaction to the training was  eye-opening and something we didn’t consider.  But the men in the Pirates organization that adminstered the boot camp training with such passion are still in the organization.  It’s also important to remember that numerous men employed by the Pirates that were vehemently opposed to the training and had Dejan’s number on speed dial are still with the Bucs.

Does anyone else see a division within the organization coming?   Perhaps a ‘who are the Narcs hunt’ will ensue, especially when one considers the rumor about the team confiscating all of those computers when the Hoka Hey bombshell hit?

It’s hard to imagine how unhealthy this is for the club, but that’s a topic for another day.

We agree with one comment Nutting made, the organization is stronger.  There is no doubt about this comment.  None.

Nutting has paid down the organizations’ debt.  The Latin America facility is up and running–bearing fruit for the team.   The Bradenton Marauders are now in the fold.  Long overdue improvements are being made to McKechnie Field in Bradenton–and Nutting doesn’t have to bone up much cash in the process. (Let’s trust PNC Park is addressed soon) But the team has won more games.  More fans are tuning in to watch the Buccos.  The attendance at PNC Park is up.

Look at all the facts everyone.  The entire organization is stronger.  We don’t think it’s strong enough, but face it, the guy is a genius.

However on Election Day 2012, Nutting missed his opportunity.  A change needed to be made, we anticipated some new development and scouting leadership changes, we wanted to see the club stockpile talented baseball men that we dreamt Nutting had been interviewing over the past 43 days.   We didn’t expect a slap on the wrist.

Yet, the Dollar General is still holding the damn open investigation comment over the leaders of his organization.   Who wants to work for a guy like this?   He doesn’t have solutions, only more questions about what happened.  The organization needs to do things better, more effectively, mistakes can’t be made in the draft, but what solutions were given by the kingpin of the ballclub?

Yeh.  You guessed it.  None.

Nutting told people if “they are angry to count to ten.  If you’re really angry, count to 100.’

Excuse us,  we are going to start counting to infinity….