Pittsburgh Pirates Starting to Make Changes Including Putting Kiddie Pools To Good Use


The Pittsburgh Pirates are selling their ‘paramilitary equipmen.’

Well, that didn’t take long, Pittsburgh Pirates fans.  One day Bob Nutting says that the team is making a change – and what do you know, the next day we start seeing equipment go up for sale on Craigslist.

Looks like Nutting really is making changes after all?   We never thought we would see the day, but it looks like it’s true.    Nutting told Dejan Kovacevic the following , so we should have guessed he was spitting truth:

"“it’s obvious the status quo is not an  acceptable option”"

The owner said he would “undertake a no-job-is-safe  organizational review.”  Now we are starting to see what is happening: the Bucs signed a couple talented players over the past few days, and after all of his due diligence in speaking with current players, fired employees, and men within the organization– the Buccos are starting to implement changes.

Of course, you remember that much was made about the Pittsburgh Pirates use of kiddie pools in their military boot camp, or – to use a Bob Nutting word –  ‘paramilitary’ training.

Even though the Bucs still employ two former military men on their staff as mental trainers or some shit, the Bucs owner said the organization will focus more on baseball drills.


Leave the kiddie pools to the experts. Don’t miss watching this video: