Black Friday Winners of Pittsburgh Pirates eGraph Announced


eGraphs announced the winners of the Pittsburgh Pirates contest today

Who says Black Friday has to suck?  The winners of the eGraph were selected by the committe this morning and are as follows:

Sean Quinn, Casey Knapp, and Zac Weiss.   Email us your contact information (contact tab above) and we will have our eGraphs rep reach out to you.

An egraph is a shared moment between you and your favorite star. It is immortalized forever with a beautiful high resolution photograph, handwritten note, autograph, and personalized voice message. It’s his voice, his handwriting, his time — every egraph is one-of-a-kind. Share it, print it, play it … whatever you want – it’s your egraph.

Don’t you really want to get something cool this year for the Pittsburgh Pirates fan in your life? Or maybe you just want to reward yourself, you selfish son-of-a-gun.

We know that you hate standing in line to wait for anything. And you probably suck at buying presents, so Egraphs wanted to do something very cool for three RumBunter readers. Think of it as a thank you for for reading this nonsense we crank out everyday.

Some of you might never want to ask your favorite Pirates player for an autograph, now you don’t have to. Some of you might have someone close to you in your family who can’t make it out to get an autograph from their favorite Pirates player, now you can do something very special this holiday season.

Here’s the deal, the autograph has gone new school. Here is how it works: enter the contest below, three winners will get to select their favorite player’s picture, send them a note, and then share your Egraph all over the planet.

We think they are obviously easier, and a lot more personal if you write a well thought note, than the old school autograph.

Egraphs rolled out around the All-Star break, using technology to extend the autograph business from the age-old methods of sending a baseball card to the clubhouse, or leaning across that outfield railing at Bradenton screaming your favorite players name.

Head over to their site to see all of their roster, or check out some of our favorites below:

McCutchen to Wiz Khalifa

McCutchen to Chevy Wood

McCutchen to lil fan

Dave Parker giving bday wishes

Neil Walker to fan

Joel Hanrahan to young fan

EGraphs has put together a solid roster of Pirates stars for you to choose from.

Clint Barmes

Andrew McCutchen

Neil Walker

Jared Hughes

Joel Hanrahan

Dave Parker

Charlie Morton

Bryan Morris


So here is how the contest works. In the comments below tell us your favorite Pirates memory from this season: ours is easy–Cocktailsfor2 getting a fist bump from Clint Barmes. It was hilarious, especially when the cameras at Wrigley showed the host of the RumBunter podcast calmly chugging a fine pilsner after his brush with the smoothness himself, Clint Barmes.

Now tell us your favorite Pirates memory of the 2012 season in the comments below and get yourself an egraph from your favorite Major League Baseball star. Three winners will be selected from the entries on the day after Thanksgiving.