Pirates Spring Training Countdown: McKechnie Field Construction Photos Look Sweet


The construction at the Pittsburgh Pirates spring training home and the ballpark for the Bradenton Marauders is coming along nicely.   Local politicians and members of the media were invited for a tour of the construction at McKechnie Field in Bradenton.

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Bulldozers and Jackhammers! Yes! We knew there were going to be some upgrades at the Pittsburgh Pirates Bradenton home, but we didn’t realize the main entrance area would be improved. This will greatly improve the appearance when fans arrive.

New concession stands and new bathrooms are being completed, R.I.P. for those old pissers, damn those were nasty.

The batting cages are now gone and will be relocated behind the outfield wall in right center field.   If you look closely at the second picture, you will see the boardwalk going overhead where the players used to work out on game day.

But heh…the most important thing in the renovation is making the stadium feel younger, a bar in centerfield–ala Port Charlotte.  The pictures show that it is nearing completion.

We were curious if that cement block clubhouse/weight room survived the cuts.   If you look close in the picture it appears that it has.  Seriously. Let me in that bulldozer we will take care of that eyesore.

Here is a video from earlier this year in case you missed it.