The Pittsburgh Pirates Roster Deconstruction Is Underway


It’s almost laughable.  Charlie Morton gets a deal and the Pittsburgh Pirates know for certain that he will miss time in 2013.   Jeff Karstens doesn’t get a deal because he might miss time with injury Surely we are missing something in all of this, right?

Not really.   The writing was on the wall for these moves as was written all over the internets for the past few weeks.  The Bucs obviously want to move in a different direction and are making moves accordingly.  Karstens gets married soon and his wife works in Baltimore for the CW.  Perhaps, that will have an impact on where he will sign this offseason?  It’s doubtful, but it was pretty cool to watch #ZOMBIENATION support nonetheless.  It all had an impact on Karsten who had some solid tweets.

In other Pirates news, Joel Hanrahan is on the block and the team wants to retain Jason Grilli.   It’s awful late in the game to be trying to move Hanrahan now, but it appears the Bucs are going to go with Grilli as the closer and get what they can from Hammer .  The one name connected to the Pirates closer is left hander Chris Capuano.

September 2, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Chris Capuano (35) pitches in the fourth inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Don’t underestimate what Capuano did last year.   The southpaw put up over 2 WAR.   For the second consecutive year he made 30 starts.  It looks like a good deal on paper.   Although it sure makes you wonder what Hammer could have got in a return at the height of his value.  Capuano has a mutual $8 million dollar option for 2014.   It’s the kind of starting pitcher the Bucs can afford.   So what’s the hold up?

Perhaps it’s the fact that he hasn’t been as strong when pitching at PNC Park as one would think.  Or the Bucs are holding out for the cash happy Dodgers to kick in some bones, a different player, or another prospect?   In 52.1 innings at PNC, the 6’3″ Capuano has allowed 56 hits, 27 earned runs and 8 bombs.   He has allowed over 5.8 runs per game against the Pirates and the Cards also own him with similar destruction when he is on the mound.   Capuano pitched well against the Cubs and Astros while doing just ok against the Brew Crew.  The career numbers at Miller Park are interesting sitting right around four runs allowed per game.

Stay tuned, the hot stove is heating up and we don’t think we’ve heard the last of deals for Hammer.