El Potro Alvarez: Sometimes Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects Flame Out and Become Huge Stars



The Pittsburgh Pirates have numerous prospects that break our heart each year. It’s the nature of the game we love so dearly. Tony Alvarez was once considered one of the best prospects in the Pirates organization.

The google search will show pictures from The Futures Game and countless baseball cards.  The Topps card set up the heartbreak best:

"No matter where he’s played, Tony Alvarez has scorched the ball and the basepaths.   He’s done it at Williamsport, Hickory, Lynchburg, and Altoona.   The man who swiped 52 bases in 2000 has also shown some home run pop.  Alvarez, who could soon crack the Pirates lineup, projects as a high average hitter in the bigs."

Unfortunately, his baseball career numbers were two homers in 38 MLB games.  Or as it is so well written on his Wiki page, “his baseball career did not pan out as well as planned.”

He married the controversial Miss Venezuela, Mariángel Ruiz Torrealba in 2005 and then married her again in their “civil” wedding in 2006.  They were divorced in 2008.

We were checking out twitter this morning when @fauxname   sent us a link to a video.   A well directed, sharp looking music video with everything that a guy would want in a video:


Hot female security guards with guns

Hot female security guards with nightsticks


More fights

A jailbreak…oh, it’s twisted.

Of course the artist is Tony Alvarez, he has a catchier name now.  The guy is a pretty big deal.  He is also on twitter  if you would like to follow him.    

So, just how big is Tony Alvarez, eh, I mean… El Potro Alvarez now?

He has three times as many followers as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

And another number one song on the Hot Rankings. 

Heart breaker.


Big thanks to @fauxname for the tip