Reports: Pittsburgh Pirates Generating Plenty of Laughs


The Pittsburgh Pirates aren’t making it a secret that Garrett Jones and Joel Hanrahan need t go.   The rumors have been making the rounds at The Winter Meetings.

If you listened to Rob Biertempfel on Dejan’ podcast today, the laughs are also making their rounds about the Bucs front office.  Biertempfel said he was talking to another NL executive who said that the Bucs front office would have Hoka Hey written on their tombstones and everyone got a big chuckle out of the conversation.

An email from “Bill B” was sent to Dejan’s show and so Dejan asked if another losing streak means the end of the current front office.   Biertempfel’s answer was interesting, so go listen.

The big rumor today was that the Seattle Mariners and Pirates were talkng about Garrett Jones today.

The old rumor was GFJ and Hanranator were going to go to Seattle for Justin Smoak, Hector Noesi, and John Jaso.   Obviously that was an old rumor with very little legs after the Bucs landed Russ Martin, so the new smoke today was Biertempfel reporting that the Bucs wanted Taijuan Walker in exchange for Jones.

Sorry that’s hilarious.

Sometimes I think these stories are made up.  Seriously, I can’t see the Bucs asking for Walker in a straight up exchange for Jones.  More like it was heh, we are interested in Walker, so let’s say we have Jones what else would it take to get him?   Walker is one of the best prospects in all of Major League Baseball.   Look, I am all about aiming high, but holy jumping jingle balls.

Let me get this straight, the Pirates asked for Walker in a deal involving Garrett Jones and they got ‘rebuffed.’

Yeh, if this is true, we bet they got more than that.